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Characteristics of fire gate valves
Aug 16, 2018

1. fire gate valves Light weight: The body is made of high-grade nodular black cast iron. The weight is reduced by 20%~30% compared with the traditional gate valve. It is easy to install and maintain.

2. fire gate valves Flat-bottomed gate: The traditional gate valve is often flushed through the water because of external objects such as stone, wood, cement, iron chips, sundries and other deposited in the groove at the bottom of the valve, easy to close and form a leakage phenomenon, the bottom of the elastic seat gate valve with the same flat-bottomed design as the water pipe, not easy to cause sediment, so that the flow. The body is unimpeded.

3. fire gate valves Overall gluing: The gate is made of high-quality rubber for internal and external glue. The European first-class rubber vulcanization technology enables the vulcanized gate to ensure accurate geometric dimensions, and the rubber and nodular graphite cast gate is firmly attached, not easy to fall off and has a good elastic memory.

4. fire gate valves Precision casting valve body: The valve body is made of precision casting. The precise geometry makes the valve body without any finishing to ensure the sealing of the valve.

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