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Daily maintenance of hydrant
Feb 10, 2018

Maintenance and maintenance of indoor fire hydrant should note:

1, regularly check whether the fire hydrant intact, there is no rust phenomenon.

2, check the interface washer is intact.

3, the fire hydrant valve should add lubricating oil.

4, regularly carry out water inspection to ensure that the fire occurs in time to open the water.

5, after the fire, to wash the water to dry, according to the volume or folding way into the box, in the Gun folder, shut the box door.

6, to regularly check the coil, water gun, whether the damage, valve, coil rotation is flexible, find problems to be repaired in time.

7, regularly check whether the fire hydrant box door is damaged, whether the door open flexible, water belt frame is intact, the box is rust dead. Find problems to be replaced and repaired in time.

8, regular routine maintenance of the fire hydrant should also carry out drainage operation check, on the one hand to determine whether the fire hydrant is effective, water pressure is consistent with the normal category. On the other hand, in the water distribution network to improve the water quality of the pipe network through the fire hydrant drainage. In the implementation of fire hydrant drainage work, in order to ensure the quality of drainage and prevent two of pipe network pollution, drainage should take the hose to the water into the rain well.

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