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Discussion on the application of signal valve in hydrant control valve of high-rise building
Feb 10, 2018

In accordance with the provisions of the "Fire code for high-rise civil building design", in indoor hydrant system, the valve of water supply pipeline is divided into several independent sections, and the valve should have obvious opening and closing signs. This is for the purpose of stopping the use of a fire hydrant pipe with a quantity not less than one root.

With the development of modern architecture, all kinds of piping in buildings should be concealed as far as possible. Therefore, the fire hydrant pipeline is located in the ceiling, pipe tube, is universal, but there is a problem, that is, hydrant pipe control valve open state can not be monitored, to fires when the normal use of the hydrant can cause hidden dangers. Examples are as follows: "Ministry of Electric Power National Grid Control Center" project for the construction area of 50,000 square meters, three floors underground, 27 floors above, building height of more than 110 meters, for the production of command scheduling, meetings and other functions as one integrated intelligent building, its high degree of automation in the domestic is rare. In the design of its automatic alcohol-spraying system, I will all the flow indicator before the valve is used in the signal valve, so the state of the system in the fire control center can be displayed, and can be seen at a glance of the problem, the other life and fire level control, fire pump to start and stop, etc. have been reasonable monitoring, Only the fire hydrant system control valve in accordance with the norms only the use of ordinary valves, it has a clear opening and closing signs, but in the firefighting control center is not shown, in addition to these valves for aesthetic needs are located in the tube well and ceiling, the quality of workers can not guarantee the reliability of the system. Therefore, during the acceptance process of the fire protection system, although the Ministry of Electricity Engineering headquarters leadership, construction units and design units are very attached importance to the deployment and rectification early, well carried out the rehearsal, but in the fire department formal acceptance of the process, but there have been problems, there is a hydrant vertical tube on the hydrant in any case also put no water, And the other four are normal effluent, in the fire control Center also found no problem. Later in the inspection found that the riser because the overhaul closed the control valve at both ends, and overhaul workers did not open the valve, causing the fire hydrant does not water.

I think that under the circumstances that we all attach great importance to, there is still such a problem, and at ordinary times in the case of easy slumber, I do not know what kind of problems will arise. This is related to the fire hydrant system can be used in the rational use of the key issues, the most reliable way to avoid this situation is to set the control valve of the hydrant system into a signal valve, and the opening state of the valve can be displayed in the fire control center to facilitate the inspection of the management personnel, although the cost has been improved, Its investment in the whole fire hydrant system is still very small, and it can make the whole fire hydrant system security greatly improved, this investment I think it is worthwhile.

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