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Fire extinguisher equipment--Methods of use
Feb 10, 2018

1. Dry-type Fire extinguisher

Extract the fire extinguisher upside down two times to the fire scene, unplug the safety bolt, the first hand hold the nozzle aiming at the root of the flame, press the press. Fire extinguishing should be thrown at a time, outdoor use should be standing in the mouth of the ignition source, from near, swept around, pushing forward, not to let the flames back channeling.

2, portable 1211 fire extinguishers

Unplug the safety pin first, then open the press, and the other hand, the handle of the trumpet barrel, and hold the opening pressure

The fire extinguisher uses the method to be able to gush out. (at present, the state gradually limit the use, mainly because of halogenated alkanes pollution of the atmosphere, harmful to the human body.) Now carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are gradually replacing the 1211 fire extinguishers, using the same method as the 1211 fire extinguishers. But in the use of carbon dioxide must pay attention to the hands do not grip the nozzle or touch the mouth to prevent frostbite.

3.35kg Trolley Type dry powder fire extinguisher

Two person to operate, a person to remove the spray gun, and expand the hose, and then hold the trigger by hand;

4. Foam Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher of the foam is composed of aluminum sulfate, sodium bicarbonate and licorice extract. Fire extinguishing, the foam fire extinguisher inverted, foam can be sprayed out, covering the fire to achieve the purpose of fire. It is suitable to extinguish the fire of oil, pipeline and ground. Not suitable for fire in electrical equipment and precision metal products.

5. Carbon tetrachloride Fire extinguisher

Carbon tetrachloride gasification is colorless transparent, non-conductive, dense air gas. When putting out the fire, the fuselage is inverted, the nozzle is downward, and the hand valve is turned, it can be sprayed to the flame to extinguish it. It is suitable for extinguishing the fire of electrical equipment and expensive equipment. Carbon tetrachloride is toxic, and users have to stand at the mouth of the upwind. In the indoor, the fire after the timely ventilation.

6. Carbon dioxide Fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide is a non-conductive gas, denser than air, in the cylinder under high pressure for liquid. When putting out a fire, simply flip the switch, and the carbon dioxide is sprayed into the ignition on the air, isolating the atmosphere and extinguishing the flame. It is suitable for small area fire in precision instrument, electrical equipment and oil laboratory. Carbon dioxide from the liquid into the gaseous, a large number of endothermic, very low temperature (can reach -80℃), to avoid frostbite. At the same time, although non-toxic carbon dioxide, but the role of suffocation, should try to avoid inhalation.

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