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Fire protection Knowledge: Fire extinguishing principle and common fire extinguisher introduction
Feb 10, 2018

The basic principle of fire extinguishing

It is known that fire extinguishing is the process of destroying combustion conditions and terminating combustion reaction. The basic principle is summed up in the following four aspects: cooling, asphyxia, isolation and chemical inhibition.

1. Cooling extinguishing: One of the conditions that can sustain combustion for general combustibles is that they reach their respective ignition temperatures under the action of fire or heat. Therefore, to the general combustible fire, the combustible material cooled to its ignition point or below the flashpoint, the combustion reaction will be suspended. The water fire extinguishing mechanism mainly is the cooling function.

2. Suffocation extinguishing: the combustion of various combustible materials must be carried out at the minimum oxygen concentration, otherwise the combustion can not continue. Therefore, by reducing the oxygen concentration around the combustion can play a role in extinguishing fire. The usual use of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapor and other fire extinguishing mechanism is mainly asphyxiation effect.

3. Isolated fire: To isolate the combustible material from the ignition source or oxygen, the combustion reaction will be automatically terminated. In the case of fire, close the valve, cut off the flammable gas and liquid passage to the firing zone, and open the valve so that the liquid combustible material in the burning container or the fire-threatened container can be piped to the safe area, which is the measure of isolating and extinguishing the fire.

4. Chemical suppression: The use of fire extinguishing agents and the chain reaction of the intermediate free radicals, so that the combustion chain of reaction interruption so that the combustion can not continue. Common dry powder extinguishing agent, halogenated agent fire extinguishing mechanism is the chemical inhibition.

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