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Fire Safety knowledge
Feb 10, 2018

1. What is the content of fire safety "four abilities"?

A: (1) Check the ability to eliminate fire hazards (2) the ability to save the initial fire (3) the ability to organize evacuation and escape (4) to publicize the ability of education and training.

2. What is the policy of the fire protection work?

Answer: prevention, prevention and elimination of the combination.

3. How to use dry powder fire extinguisher?

Answer: Use portable dry powder fire extinguisher, should pull out the insurance pin, one hand holding the hose, the nozzle to the root of the flame; the other hand presses the press, dry powder can be sprayed out fire. (denoted: pulling pin, holding pipe, pressing the handle)

4. What are the precautions for using dry powder fire extinguisher?

A: (1) Press the flame root pressure injection, not too high (2) distance from the Flame 2 to 3 meters of spray (3) standing in the fire of the upwind direction of the jet

(denoted: On the wind 2-3 meters of fire root spray)

5. How to identify the fire extinguisher pressure gauge?

A: The pressure gauge pointer to the Green zone for the pressure is just right; the pressure gauge pointer points to yellow zone as the pressure is too large; (denoted: Green area is good, yellow zone big, red zone is small)

6. How to use the fire hydrant?

A: (1) Open the fire hydrant door, if there is a button, press the internal alarm button. (2) One person picks up the gun head and the water belt to rush the fire spot.

(3) Another person to connect the water belt and valve door.

(4) Counterclockwise open the valve water can be sprayed. (denoted: Press the alarm, take the gun belt, open the valve)

7. What is a fire hazard?

A: A fire hazard is an unstable factor that may cause or increase the risk or danger of fire.

8. What are the three teams of fire fighting?

A: (1) inspection, inspection team (2) The first Fire Fighting Force (3) The second fire fighting forces.

9. What is the first fighting force for extinguishing fire?

A: Fire site staff in a minute spontaneously formed the fire fighting force, is the first fighting power to fire.

10. What are the specific tasks of the first combat force?

Answer: The first fire workers found near the use of fire extinguishing equipment, and loudly call the surrounding staff to alarm, reinforcements; the employee who is near the point of fire is responsible for using fire extinguishers and indoor hydrants to extinguish fire; the staff from the telephone or fire alarm point to the Unit fire duty Room (or fire control center) and the public ; The employee who is close to the safe passage or exit immediately directs the customer to the safe place to evacuate; The nearest staff, the close to the smoke mouth button. (denoted: loudly call, call, press the alarm, take the equipment, guide the person)

11, to "119" alarm the content and requirements is what?

A: The name of the alarm person, work units, contact telephone, the exact location of the fire site, as far as possible to explain the situation of the fire, such as the fire time, burning characteristics, fire size, there is no trapped personnel, there are no important items, fire around the important building, driving routes, How can fire engines and firefighters easily enter or close to the scene of the fire. (Alarm content denoted: time, characteristics, size, fire personnel, goods, driving route)

12, personnel-intensive site staff to dispose of the initial fire essentials?

A: (1) Alarm early, loss of small, (2) side of the alarm, side Save, (3) First save, after the rescue, (4) To prevent poisoning, prevent suffocation, (5) Listen to the conductor, MO panic.

13. What is the process of organizing and guiding the evacuation of personnel?

A: (1) Notification of Fire (2) According to the Division of Duty to guide the evacuation (3) to ensure the evacuation lighting (4) Stabilize the mood of the scene (5) to make the necessary evacuation preparation (6) to guide the evacuation (7) count (8) to protect the security of the evacuated personnel

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