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Feb 10, 2018

Knowledge of the use of vehicle fire extinguishers.

Car fire extinguisher for dry powder fire extinguisher

The best way to prevent a car fire is to install a car-mounted automatic fire extinguishing device. However, considering the economic, technical and other factors, the car installed in the car automatic fire extinguishing device, in a short period of time can not be widely used. Currently used for car fire prevention, more portable fire extinguishers. Car fire extinguishers mostly dry powder fire extinguishers, the principle of liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen as the driving force, so that the dry powder fire extinguishing agent, so as to achieve the purpose of extinguishing, its shelf life for one year.

Car owners every other year, you should check whether the gas leakage in the fire extinguisher, dry powder is caking, on the basis of the fire extinguisher to inflate or change dry powder, or expired fire extinguishers may not be sprayed out of dry powder, or spray time greatly shortened, directly affect the normal use.

It is understood that the current market on a new "efficient fire-retardant car fire extinguisher" sales have been good, although the price is higher than the ordinary fire extinguishers, but its use of life than ordinary fire extinguishers 3 times times longer, and afterwards easy to clean up.

Expired fire extinguishers should be replaced in time

Car fire extinguisher is a necessary fire protection equipment, and has a shelf life, so the owner should be configured to replace the car fire extinguisher.

Driving, the driver can smell the car, or see smoke, should be aware of the aura of spontaneous combustion. Do not panic at this time, should immediately pull the brakes, turn off the power, quickly leave the car, while taking out the fire extinguisher to the fuel tank and burning parts to cool the fire, to avoid explosions, and immediately dial 119 fire alarm phone call for help.

Mistakes to be avoided in using fire extinguishers

Flutter on an open flame

Fire extinguishers can only be used to extinguish the first fire, which means that the owner of the car in the discovery of smoke odor, should be timely use of fire extinguishers to save, or see the open fire and then to rescue, even if the volume of large extinguishers also useless. Fire is more about seizing the moment than on the size of the fire extinguisher itself.

Owners in the use of fire extinguishers, can not casually sprayed on the surface of the flame, but should be aimed at the root of the flame spray, after the confirmation of the flames are all extinguished, can remove the fire extinguisher.

Find the ignition point.

For some people think that opening the hood will let the air enter, let the fire more prosperous situation, experts said, even if not open the hood, the air is interlinked, after the fire to open the hood, the first time to find the ignition point is very important.

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