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Outdoor Fire Hydrant Installation method
Feb 10, 2018

Fire hydrant installation See GB 01s201. Fire hydrant installed in the sidewalk along the 1.0 meters, the use of steel dual-coil short tube to adjust the height, do internal and external anti-corrosion.

Outdoor fire hydrant installation, fire hydrant top from the ground height of 0.64m, vertical pipe should be perpendicular, solid, control valve well from the fire hydrant should not be more than 2.5m, the bottom of the hydrant elbow should be set up pier or support.

Outdoor underground fire hydrant should be installed in the fire hydrant well, fire hydrant well generally used MU7.5 red brick, M7.5 cement mortar masonry. Fire hydrant well inside diameter should not be less than 1 meters. The well should be provided with ladders to facilitate valve maintenance.

The fire hydrant and the supervisor connects the tee or the elbow under the position should take the base, the islet seat should be provided with the concrete pier, the pier and the tee, the elbow bottom uses the M7.5 cement mortar to wipe into the Ba Zi.

Fire hydrant well water supply Supervisor bottom distance should not be less than 0.2m, fire hydrant top to well cover the minimum interval should not be less than 0.2m, winter outdoor temperature below-20 ℃ area, underground hydrant wellhead need for insulation treatment.

Outdoor fire hydrant Type a installation, the drainage port of the use of particle size for the 20-30㎜ gravel to do seepage layer, the exhibition radius of 500㎜, the exhibition thickness from the ground down 100㎜ to trough. When the seepage layer is set up, the water elbow should be protected so as to avoid damage.

Outdoor fire hydrant Type B installation, should be the fire hydrant with the automatic drainage elbow blocked, in the fire hydrant well in another set water faucet.

Outdoor fire hydrant installation, both inside and outside the wall are coated asphalt cold base oil two times, the outer wall needs another hot asphalt two times, paint over, buried in the flange interface coated asphalt cold base oil two times, the external wall needs to be heated two times, the surface of the paint, the interface of the flange in the soil coated Asphalt cold Foundation Oil two times, the external wall needs to be heated asphalt two times, Face paint over again, buried in the flange interface coated asphalt cold foundation oil and hot asphalt two times, and with asphalt summer cloth, fire hydrant well inside iron should be coated hot asphalt anti-corrosion.

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