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Types of Fire extinguishers
Feb 10, 2018

There are many types of fire extinguishers, according to their mobile mode can be divided into: hand-held and trolley-type, according to the driving force of the fire extinguishing agent can be divided into: gas cylinders, storage pressure type, chemical reaction type, according to the fire extinguishing agent can be divided into: foam, dry powder, halogenated alkanes, carbon dioxide, water and so on.

Dry powder Fire Extinguisher

Principle: Dry powder fire extinguisher is filled with dry powder extinguishing agent. Dry powder extinguishing agent is used for extinguishing the dry and easy to flow of fine powder, by the fire extinguishing efficiency of inorganic salts and a small number of additives by drying, crushing, mixing into micro-solid powder composition. Use compressed carbon dioxide to blow out dry powder (mainly containing sodium bicarbonate) to extinguish the fire.

Structure: Dry powder fire extinguisher is the use of carbon dioxide gas or nitrogen gas for power, the bottle of dry powder sprayed out of the fire. Dry powder is a drying, easy to flow micro-solid powder, there is a fire-proof base and moistureproof agent, flow promoter, caking and other additives.

Foam Extinguisher

Principle: Foam extinguisher has two containers, two kinds of liquid, they are aluminum sulfate and sodium bicarbonate solution, the two solutions do not contact each other, do not occur any chemical reaction. (usually do not touch the foam extinguisher) when the need for foam extinguishers, the fire extinguisher inverted, two solutions mixed together, will produce a large number of carbon dioxide gas:

Foam Fire Extinguisher principle

In addition to two kinds of reaction, the fire extinguisher also added some foaming agent. Open the switch, foam from the fire extinguisher, covered in the burning goods, so that the burning material and air isolation, and reduce temperature, to achieve the purpose of extinguishing.

Structure: Acid alkali fire extinguisher is composed of cylinder body, tube lid, sulfuric acid refills, nozzle, etc. The barrel body is equipped with sodium bicarbonate aqueous solution, sulfuric acid refills containing concentrated sulfuric acid. Refills mouth has lead plug, used to seal the bottle, in order to prevent refills within the concentrated sulfuric acid absorption diluted or mixed with refills outside the liquid. Acid-base Fire Extinguisher is the principle of the use of two agents after the chemical reaction, resulting in pressure to spray out the drug, so as to extinguish the fire.

Carbon dioxide Fire extinguisher

Principle: Fire extinguisher bottle body storage liquid carbon dioxide, when working, when pressure bottle valve pressure. The internal carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent from the siphon through the bottle valve to the spout, so that the concentration of oxygen in the combustion zone drops rapidly, when the carbon dioxide reaches sufficient concentration, the flame will suffocate and extinguished, and because the liquid carbon dioxide will rapidly gasification, in a very short period of time to absorb a lot of heat, so the burning of a certain cooling effect, It also helps to put out the fire. Trolley-type carbon dioxide fire extinguishers mainly by the bottle body, the head assembly, nozzle Assembly, frame assembly, etc. in some parts, the internal installation of the extinguishing agent for liquid carbon dioxide.

Structure: Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher barrel is made of high quality alloy steel by special process, and the weight is 40% less than that of carbon steel. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, safe and reliable, easy to save, light and beautiful.

Applicable occasions: Suitable for extinguishing flammable liquids and gases in the first fire, can also fight the fire of live equipment. Often used in laboratories, computer rooms, substation, as well as precision electronic equipment, expensive equipment or items to maintain higher requirements of the site.




Clean water fire extinguisher in the extinguishing agent. The water has low viscosityand high thermal stability at room temperature.

Water base type Fire extinguisher

Water base type Fire extinguisher

, large density and high surface tension, is an ancient and widely used natural fire extinguishing agent, easy to obtain and store.

It mainly relies on cooling and suffocation to put out the fire. Because each kg of water from ambient temperature heating to boiling point and completely evaporation vaporization, can absorb 2593.4KJ of heat. Therefore, it uses its own ability to absorb the heat and latent heat to play the role of cooling, fire extinguishing agent can not be compared. In addition, water vapor formed after the vaporization of the inert gas, and the volume will expand about 1700 times times.

In fire extinguishing, the water vapor produced by water vapor will occupy the space of the burning area, dilute the oxygen content around the combustion, prevent fresh air into the burning zone, so that the oxygen concentration in the burning zone is greatly reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of suffocation extinguishing. When the water is sprayed with mist, the specific surface area of the droplets and droplets will increase greatly, which enhances the heat exchange between water and fire, thus strengthening its cooling and suffocation effects.

In addition, to some soluble in the water can be flammable, flammable liquid can also be diluted, the use of strong jet mist can make combustible, flammable liquid to produce emulsifying action, so that the liquid surface cooling rapidly, combustible steam production speed down to achieve the purpose of extinguishing.

Simple Type Fire extinguisher

The simple type fire extinguisher is the portable type fire extinguisher which develops in recent years. It is characterized by the use of fire extinguishing agent in 500 grams below the pressure under 0.8 MPa, but also a one-off, can not be filled with small extinguishers.

According to the type of fire extinguishing agent, the simple type of extinguisher has 1211 fire extinguishers, also known as aerosol-type halon fire extinguishers, simple dry powder fire extinguishers, also known as portable dry powder fire extinguishers, as well as simple air foam fire extinguishers, also known as portable air foam fire extinguishers. Simple type of fire extinguishers for home use, simple Type 1211 fire extinguishers and simple dry powder fire extinguishers can be used to fight liquefied petroleum gas stoves and cylinders on the corner valve, or stove and other places in the initial fire, can also save hot pot fire and waste paper basket, such as solid combustible fire burning. The simple air foam is suitable for the initial fire caused by oil pot, kerosene stove, lamp and candle, and can also save fire on the burning of solid combustible material.

The simple fire extinguisher is suitable for the standing house, is easy to extinguish the sudden fire situation.

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