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Underground fire hydrant
Jun 24, 2018

     Underground fire hydrant is an outdoor underground fire-fighting water supply facility. It is used as a special facility for outdoor fire-fighting water supply. It is used to provide fire-fighting vehicles with water or directly connected with hoses and water guns for fire extinguishing. Underground fire hydrant installed underground, does not affect the city appearance, traffic. It consists of valve body, elbow, valve seat, valve disc, drain valve, stem and interface.

    Underground fire hydrants are essential fire-fighting and water supply devices in cities, factories, mines, power stations, warehouses, docks, houses and public places. Especially in urban areas and areas where there are few rivers, they need to be installed.

     The underground fire hydrant is of reasonable structure, reliable performance and easy to use. When using underground fire hydrants, there should be obvious signs. Underground fire hydrant is common in cold areas.

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