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Brief Introduction Of Fire Hydrant System
Feb 10, 2018

Brief introduction of Fire hydrant system

1. System composition

Fire pump, voltage regulator pump (voltage stabilizer), hydrant box, hydrant valve, interface water gun, hose, fire hydrant alarm button, hydrant system control cabinet.

2, the main function of system completion

Fire hydrant system piping filled with pressure water, such as the system has a trace leakage, you can rely on the pressure regulator pump or voltage stabilizer to maintain the system of water and stress. When the fire, first of all, open fire hydrant box, according to the requirements of the interface, water, will be aimed at the ignition source, open the hydrant valve, water gun immediately gush out, press the hydrant button, through the hydrant to start the pump to the pipeline water supply.

3, the system is easy to appear problems, causes, treatment methods

(1) Open fire hydrant valve without water

Cause: There may be leaks in the pipeline, so that the pipeline without water, and the pressure gauge damage, the regulator system does not work.

Treatment method: Check the leakage point, pressure gauge, repair or install the voltage regulator device, so that the pipeline has water.

(2) Press the manual button, can not be linked to start the fire pump

Reason: Manual button wiring loose, the button itself damaged, linkage control cabinet itself fault, fire pump startup cabinet failure or wiring loose, fire pump itself fault.

Treatment method: Check the equipment wiring, equipment itself devices, check the pump itself electrical, the body part of the failure and to eliminate.

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