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Can The Fire Extinguisher Spray People
Jul 10, 2018

Never use a fire extinguisher to spray directly on the fire, because the fire extinguishing agent will cause wound infection, and the consequences are very serious.

Fire extinguishers can cause casualties even if people wear thick clothes. The dry powder extinguisher contains 50% phosphoric acid two hydrogen ammonium and 25% ammonium sulfate, which has very strong corrosiveness. A case showed that a fire was expected to be saved by a fire extinguisher, but because of the ignorance of the fire extinguisher, the savers were sprayed with a dry powder fire extinguisher. Although the fire was extinguished by the burned personnel, it still caused irreparable damage.

In addition to dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide extinguishers are also common, using this type of fire extinguishers should not be exposed to exposed skin, because the temperature in -78 degrees, the artificial cold burns. There is also foam extinguisher, but this type of fire extinguisher can not be used for wire type fire, it will cause electrical conduction.

Fire extinguishers can not be sprayed. Experts recommend that:

(1) when a person wears a few clothes, the fire will not burn the skin, and the coat should be removed quickly. Clothes with buttons can be grabbed by both hands, so that the clothes can be stripped off, and the buttons cannot be removed one by one, as time goes by, because time is too late. If you wear a zipper shirt, you need to pull the zip quickly and take off your clothes.

(2) if a person is wearing a single coat, he may burn if he is on fire. When the clothes on the chest are on fire, they should climb on the ground quickly; when the back clothes are on fire, they should lie on the ground, and when all the clothes are on fire, they should roll back and forth on the ground, use the body to cut off the air and cover the flame, but the speed of rolling on the ground is not fast, otherwise the fire can not be easily pressed out.

(3) in the home, the use of bedclothes, blankets or sacks and other things to extinguish the fire, the effect is good and timely, as long as it is pulled back to cover the body, and then quickly climb on the ground, the flame will be extinguished immediately; if there is water right next to the water, water can also be poured.

(4) in the field, if there is a river and a pond in the near area, it can quickly jump into shallow water; but if the body has been burned and the skin has been burned, it is not suitable to jump into the water or spray directly into the body with a fire extinguisher, because it is easy to infect the burn wound with bacteria.

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