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Classification And Use Of Fire Extinguishers
Jul 10, 2018

Classification of fire extinguishers:

Foam extinguisher: it is suitable for fighting fires such as oil products, grease, etc., which can not be saved by water. The fire of water soluble flammable and flammable liquids in fire, such as alcohol, ester, ether, ketone, etc., can not be saved, and it can not be used to extinguish the fire of charged equipment.

Dry powder extinguisher can extinguish the general fire and extinguish the fire caused by burning of oil and gas. It is mainly used to extinguishing the initial fire of inflammable liquids, inflammable gases and electrical equipment such as petroleum and organic solvents.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher: used to extinguish the initial fire of books, archives, valuable equipment, precision instruments, electrical equipment and oil below 600 volts. It is suitable for fighting fires such as oil, oil, oil and other fires, such as alcohol, ester, ether, ketone, and other fire of water soluble and flammable liquid, and can not save the fire of charged equipment.

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