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Daily Function Of Fire Hydrant
Feb 10, 2018

It is widely believed that as long as the fire engine arrives at the fire, it can be put out immediately. In fact, in the fire brigade equipped with a large number of fire engines are not water, such as lifting fire engines, rescue vehicles, fire lighting vehicles and so on, they must be used in support of firefighting fire engines. And some fire-fighting fire engines because of their own carrying water is limited, in the fire fighting is also urgently needed to find water. At this time, the fire hydrant played a huge water supply function.

But in real life, because some units and individual fire safety awareness is weak, fire hydrant is a variety of damage, not the lack of "arm" is less "leg", some of the fire hydrant located in the main street by the construction occupy, buried; some fire hydrants are jammed with vehicles, stalls and so on, unable to connect at all, Some have even been interrupted by the water supply, seriously threatening the smooth development of fire fighting, once a fire, these fire hydrants will not play its due role.

Fire hydrant is an important tool to protect fire fighting forces. Its deficiencies and damage to the people's lives and property security poses a serious threat, so we hope that we care for other urban public facilities, but also pay attention to the "safety" of fire hydrants!

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