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Fire-fighting Essentials Pin-fire Extinguishers
Feb 10, 2018

Fire extinguisher is a kind of usually be left out in the cold, in need of the fire necessary things


Especially in high-rise buildings, indoor with a large number of wood, plastic, fabric decoration today, once there is a fire, there is no appropriate firefighting equipment, it may lead to catastrophe.

Ancient fire extinguisher with very simple, nothing more than hooks, axes, spades,barrels and the like the first real special fire extinguisher was invented by the British captain, Norfolk County, Mambi in 1816, it is only one or two 1 liters of water and filled with compressed air drums

By the middle of 19th century, French doctor Gallieres invented a hand-held chemical fire extinguisher to mix sodium bicarbonate and water in the barrel, and another bottle filled with sulfuric acid in the barrel mouth, the firing pin to break the bottle, so that the chemical mixture, resulting in carbon dioxide, water pressure out of the barrel.

In 1905, Professor Laurent of Russia invented a foam extinguishing agent in St. Petersburg, mixing aluminum sulfate with sodium bicarbonate solution and adding stabilizers, which emit foam containing carbon dioxide, floating on burning oil, paint or gasoline, effectively isolating oxygen and extinguishing flames.

In 1909, New York's Davidson obtained a patent to use carbon dioxide to press out carbon tetrachloride from a fire extinguisher, which would immediately become an inflammable heavier gas to smother the flames. Since then, there have been dry powder fire extinguishers, liquid carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and other small types of fire extinguishers

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