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How Much Do You Know About The Application Of Hydrants?
Jan 14, 2019

Fire hydrant includes indoor fire hydrant system and outdoor fire hydrant system. The indoor hydrant system includes indoor hydrant, water belt and water gun. Outdoor hydrants include ground and underground fire hydrants. Outdoor hydrants are widely used in large petrochemical fire fighting facilities. Because of the different installation conditions and use sites in different areas, Petrochemical fire fighting water systems have mostly adopted stable high pressure water systems, and the hydrants have gradually changed from ordinary ones to adjustable ones. How much do you know about hydrant application? Firehydrant manufacturers take you to study together:

Fire hydrant is usually set in the fire water belt box with glass door, which is composed of water gun, water belt, fire hydrant and alarm button. After a fire, first break the glass on the door of the box with the key or hard object of the hydrant box, open the door of the box, then quickly remove the water belt on the hanger and the water gun on the spring frame, connect the water belt interface to the hydrant interface, press the emergency alarm button if there is an alarm button, then the red indicator light on the hydrant box is on, send the fire signal to the control room, press the counter-clockwise direction. Rotate the hydrant handwheel to extinguish the fire.

Fire hydrant selection requires careful inspection of product name, factory name, factory site, product model specifications, number, trademark, production date, main technical indicators, implementation standard code, use method, shelf life, etc.

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