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How To Maintain The Fire Hydrant?
Nov 10, 2018

1. For the purpose of fire fighting and fire fighting, the fire hydrant should have a water intake or a water intake well. Dimensions of intake or intake wells should meet the requirements of layout, installation, maintenance of suction pipes and normal operation of pumps.

2. In order to make the pump of the fire truck suck up water, the water depth of the fire hydrant should ensure that the suction height of the pump does not exceed 6m.

3. For the convenience of fire fighting and the protection of fire hydrant from building fires, the position of intake or well of fire pools should not be less than 5 m from the building, preferably not more than 40 m. However, considering the design of regional or centralized high pressure (or temporary high pressure) water supply system, it is difficult to do so. Therefore, this article provides that the distance between the water intake of the fire pool and the protected building should not exceed 100m. When a fire hydrant is located in a building, the distance between the intake or intake well and the building must be guaranteed according to the specifications. The fire pool is connected with the intake or intake well by connecting pipes. The diameter of the pipe should ensure the fire flow rate. The effective volume of the intake well should not be less than the output of the maximum pump for 3 minutes.

4. Fire pools in cold areas should have anti-freezing measures, such as soil insulation over the pools, double-layer thermal insulation well covers for manholes and intakes, etc. Fire hydrant are set up independently or shared with other pools. In order to ensure the use of water for fire fighting, the water for fire fighting in fire pools should not be used in peacetime. Therefore, measures should be taken to prevent the use of water for fire fighting when the water for fire fighting is combined with other water.

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