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How To Prevent Fire Hydrant From Being Used As Fire Fighting Water?
Nov 10, 2018

In general, he can take the following measures: 

1. The outlet pipes of other water use are placed at the highest fire water level of the common pool. 2. separate the fire water and other water from the shared pool and set up the outlet pipe separately. 3. other water outlet pipes are provided with siphon tubes, and air holes are placed at the highest level of fire fighting. 7.3.7 this article basically reserved the original provision. Outdoor fire hydrants are of floor type, underground type and wall type. Overground outdoor hydrant is exposed on the ground. It has compact structure, obvious signs, easy to find, easy to use and maintain, but it is not conducive to frost prevention and also affects the beauty. Basement outdoor fire hydrant can be buried underground according to the requirements of frozen soil layer to prevent frost, without affecting the beauty, but it is not easy to find. The wall type outdoor hydrant is installed on the external wall. The above-ground outdoor hydrant is recommended in this code. Underground hydrant can be used when frost-proof or building aesthetic requirements are required. Because the distance between hydrant and exterior wall of building cannot be guaranteed, the wall type will affect the safety and operation of firefighters when it is used. Therefore, when it is used in high-rise civil buildings, measures should be taken to prevent falling objects.

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