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How To Use A Fire Extinguisher For A Car On Fire
Jul 10, 2018

The car fires mostly burn the engine, and a small half burn the cab. When the engine is on fire, there will be obvious black smoke, which is different from the white smoke in the pot. Fire extinguishing needs a lot of people to cooperate, the specific process is as follows:

1. as far as possible to the side of the car, and then take the whole thing to get off, the driver pulls out the key, the car cover lock open, the rear case valuable items take off, take the fire extinguisher, the front row door slit, the other doors close, dial 119 alarm;

2. if only one person decides to go up the wind and stay away from the train and ask for help from the surrounding area, there will be help in the next 3 minutes. No one will give up.

3. if there are two people, one person wears gloves or heat insulation with towels, and the cover of the engine is lifted about 5 centimeters (only few), the other is sprayed with fire extinguishing agent, then the spray is covered and the surrounding is saved.

When more than three people were on the 4. car, the big troops asked for help, with the emphasis on the fire extinguishers and the good people who had the gallbladder to help better. Two people were waiting in the direction of the car (leaving more than 3 meters) with the fire extinguisher, waiting for 1 minutes and watching the fire.

5. vehicle burning 99.99% will not explode, the movie is all deceptive, you can hear the explosion is the tire heating expansion explosion sound.

6. safety tips: the front of the tire, the front of the machine cover, the lid edge of the oil tank to avoid the station, misplacement or side position, the height of the hood must be strictly controlled, in principle, the fire extinguisher nozzle plug in on the line, this is mainly to avoid the air strong convection caused by the greater fire, followed by anti stop and lift the fire head to burn to the people.

Car glass will not hurt people, not to worry about the film. If it's a highway, no matter whether it's for help or waiting for a fire, people must stand outside the barrier. Never enter an emergency stop zone. When you put out a fire, someone must warn the car in the direction of the rear of the car. (we used to have a fire truck running over a tired bus when handling a traffic accident. Please don't gamble your life) life is more important than car!

If there are many more people, the fire extinguishing and saving people are synchronized. First, the fire extinguishing agent is lifted, then the fire extinguishing agent is removed, or the fire extinguishing agent is not put out, and all the fire extinguishing agents are used for the protection of the rescue process.

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