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Installation Design Of Fire Hydrant
Feb 10, 2018

Fire hydrant installation design should be considered installed in the street intersection area. In ensuring that eye-catching and does not affect the position of pedestrians, driving, at the same time consider maintenance and daily drainage convenient. Like sidewalks along the street. The rain drains the mouth, the sidewalk tree side. Some ground-type fire hydrants due to the original installation and subsequent changes in road surface elevation, the fire hydrant will be buried in the soil, plugging and unable to discharge, resulting in water quality changes in the hydrant chamber and other rust, affecting the water quality of the pipe network and fire hydrant service life. "High gauge" 7. 2. 2 stipulates: "Outdoor fire hydrant set quantity should be calculated according to the water consumption." "Practice shows that the design of outdoor fire hydrant must take into account the number of water pump, an outdoor fire hydrant corresponding to a water pump connector." Some designers consider the water pump connector, according to the outdoor fire water consumption calculation of the number of room fire hydrant and water pump connector required to add the number of outdoor hydrants, to no outdoor hydrant, set the number of too many, not in line with the actual, unreasonable. High gauge "7. 3. 6 Rules: "The number of outdoor fire hydrants should be according to the high regulation of 7." 2. 2 The water consumption of outdoor fire hydrant is determined by calculation, the water consumption of each fire hydrant should be ten l/s~15 l/s. "In order to facilitate the use of fire engines, fire hydrants should be evenly arranged along the road, if the roadside can be arranged on the side of high-rise civil buildings, can avoid the fire fire engine rolling water belt caused by bursting of the malady." In order to facilitate the fire engine directly from the hydrant water, fire hydrant distance from the roadside should not be greater than 2 m, hydrant around should be left the operation of the site, so the distance from the building outside the wall should not be less than 5m, at the same time, for ease of use, provided that the hydrant from the

Second, the installation of underground fire hydrant design. Underground fire hydrants are not installed inside the underground well, therefore, the fire hydrant outlet height and the level of outlet plane is the key to water intake, from the fire department to take water to bring into consideration, the outlet from the ground height should be controlled around 30cm, consider maintenance, use of convenient water outlet plane position should be close to the wellhead side. If the fire hydrant J} is very deep, the fire hydrant connection riser is too long, should be in the well will be fixed to the vertical tube, square can be sure of the safety in use.

Third, for the super high-rise building around the outdoor fire hydrant design, should consider the hydrant and super high-rise building water pump adapter spacing, so that once the super high-rise building fire, fire department can in the shortest distance of water and pump to take.

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