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Installation Essentials Of Fire Hydrant
Feb 10, 2018

Fire hydrant: connected with a firefighting water supply system or water supply system, equipped with a switching valve and one or more outlets used to supply water to a fire hose or water supply to a fire engine. Fire hydrant is divided into indoor fire hydrant and outdoor fire hydrant.

When the indoor and outdoor fire hydrant is supplied directly by municipal water supply, and the independent firefighting water supply system is used, the Backflow prevention device should be set up in connection with municipal water supply pipe network.

The water filling time of the dry type hydrant system should not be greater than 3min.

The number of outdoor fire hydrants should be based on the protection radius of the hydrant and outdoor hydrants and other comprehensive calculation of water use, etc., each outdoor hydrant flow should be calculated according to 15L/S, and protect the object of the distance in the 5~40m range of municipal fire hydrant, can be counted into the number of outdoor hydrants.

Outdoor fire hydrant should be evenly arranged around the high-rise building, and should not be centrally arranged on the side of the building, the number of outdoor fire hydrants on the side of high-rise buildings should not be less than 2.

From the municipal water supply network of the household pipe in the Backflow prevention device should be set up an outdoor fire hydrant.

Fire water supply pipe Network application valve into a number of independent sections, the number of hydrants in each section should not exceed 5.

Outdoor hydrant distance from fire pump adapter, not less than 15m, nor more than 40m.

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