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Key Points For Selection Of Fire Hydrants
Feb 10, 2018

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1, when the building in the municipal fire hydrant protection radius of less than 150m, and no more than 15l/s water supply, can not set outdoor hydrant.

2, outdoor fire hydrant should be evenly arranged around the high-rise building, and should not concentrate on the side of the building.

3, Civil Air defense Project outdoor fire hydrant from Civil Air defense project entrance should not be less than 5m.

4, the outdoor fire hydrant in the car park should be set along the perimeter, and the nearest row of cars should not be less than 7m, from the gas station or the library should not be less than 15m.

5, outdoor fire hydrant should be set up in a convenient place for the use of fire engines.

6, outdoor fire hydrant should use the ground-type, when the use of underground hydrant, should be marked. Cold areas using underground, non-cold areas should use the ground-type, ground-type conditions can be used anti-collision type.

7, outdoor fire hydrant should have a diameter of 150mm or 100mm and two diameter of the port of 65mm. Outdoor fire hydrants should have a diameter of 100 and 65mm each one of the plugs.

8, outdoor fire hydrant protection radius should not exceed 150m, spacing should not exceed 120m.

9, outdoor fire hydrants should not be more than 2m away from the roadside, outside the wall should not be less than 5m.

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