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Several Major Types Of Fire Hydrants
Feb 10, 2018

1. Indoor Fire hydrant

Indoor fire hydrant is the indoor pipe network to the fire scene water supply, with the valve interface, for factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings, public buildings and ships, such as indoor fixed firefighting facilities, usually installed in the hydrant box, and firefighting hoses and water gun and other equipment supporting the use. The pressure-stabilizing type fire hydrant is one of them.

2. Outdoor Fire hydrant

Outdoor fire hydrant is set up outside the building water supply pipe network, mainly for fire trucks from municipal water supply network or outdoor fire water supply pipe network to carry out fire extinguishing, can also be directly connected to the water belt, gun fire.

Therefore, outdoor fire hydrant system is also one of the important fire fighting facilities.

3. Revolving fire Hydrant

The revolving hydrant is the indoor fire hydrant which can rotate 360 degrees to the base level of the connection with the inlet pipe. It has the characteristics of the relative rotation between the bolt body and the base, so it can be installed in the Ultra-thin box, making the box thinning possible. When the fire hydrant is not used, it can rotate the plug outlet to parallel with the wall, can close the box door, when used, will plug the outlet and the wall perpendicular to the body, you can connect the water belt, easy to operate.

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