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The Principle Of Pressure Reducing Valve
Sep 20, 2018

Function Principle: Pressure relief valve relies on the local resistance of the valve flow to reduce water pressure. The range of water pressure drop is automatically regulated by the film connecting the valve disc or the water pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the piston. The principle of constant ratio pressure reduction is to control the water pressure ratio of floating piston in valve body. The pressure reduction ratio at inlet and outlet is inversely proportional to the area ratio of piston at inlet and outlet. The valve operates smoothly and without vibration; there is no spring in the valve body, so there is no spring corrosion, metal fatigue failure considerations; good sealing performance does not leakage, so both dynamic pressure (when water flows) and static pressure (when the flow rate is 0); especially in the decompression at the same time does not affect water flow.

Working Principle: Pressure reducing valve uses the opening of the opening and closing parts in the control valve body to regulate the flow rate of the medium, and reduces the pressure of the medium. At the same time, the opening of the opening and closing parts is regulated by the action of the pressure behind the valve, so that the pressure behind the valve is kept within a certain range, and the valve or the valve is sprayed with cooling water to reduce the temperature of the medium. Valves are called vacuum relief valves. The pressure reducing valve is quick and easy to select. The valve is characterized by keeping the outlet pressure and temperature within a certain range while the inlet pressure is constantly changing.

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