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What Key Points Should Be Paid Attention To In The Installation Of Fire Hydrants
Jan 14, 2019

Fire hydrant is connected with fire water supply system or water supply system. It has switch valve and one or more outlets. It is used to supply water to fire hose or fire truck. Fire hydrant is divided into indoor hydrant and outdoor hydrant. So what details do fire hydrant manufacturers require for the installation of fire hydrants?

When indoor and outdoor hydrants are supplied directly by municipal water supply pipes and independent fire water supply systems are adopted, backflow preventers should be installed at the interface with municipal water supply network.

The filling time of the dry fire hydrant system should not be more than 3 minutes. The number of outdoor fire hydrants should be arranged. According to the protection radius of the fire hydrant and the water consumption of the outdoor fire hydrant, the discharge of each outdoor fire hydrant should be calculated according to 15L/s. The distance between the outdoor fire hydrant and the protected object should be in the range of 5-40m, which can be included in the number of outdoor fire hydrants.

Outdoor hydrants should be evenly arranged around high-rise buildings, and should not be centralized on one side of the building. The number of extinguishing hydrants on one side should not be less than 2.

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