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Why The Fire Extinguisher On The Bullet Train Is Green
Jul 10, 2018

1, this is a water based fire extinguisher generally green, the red is dry powder extinguisher. It is mainly for a child to distinguish conveniently, but not necessarily! The color is not required. Red water based fire extinguishers are also available.

2. According to the requirements, each compartment is made up of two dry powder and two water base. So they are placed at each end of the carriage with a dry powder and a water base. It is impossible to read labels carefully when burning. So if two different extinguishing agents are put in the same time, they will make the colors different and easy to distinguish.

3. The water based fire extinguisher can withstand the voltage below 3Kv. So it won't be electric.

4. Why doesn't the water touch electricity yet? Two reasons, water (H2O) itself is a bad conductor of electricity, the general water conduction is because there is a large number of ions in the water, the electrical conductivity of pure water is very low, the resistance can reach tens of thousands of ohms, and the ideal pure water (completely without ions) will not produce the current (of course ideal pure water does not exist). The water based fire extinguisher sprayed not the water column, but the fine water mist. The water droplets and the water droplets are air, and the air can be regarded as insulators for the voltage of the motor vehicle equipment. And because the water mist is fine, it takes a long time for the spray surface to form a convergent flow.

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