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Use method of Fire hydrant
Feb 10, 2018
Indoor hydrant is a fixed fire-fighting water supply equipment used inside the building, which includes fire hydrant and extinguishing tank. Generally set in the building public parts of the wall, there are obvious signs, there are hoses and water gun. When a fire occurs, find the nearest hydrant from the scene, open the fire hydrant box door, take out the water belt, the water belt at one end of the fire hydrant outlet, the other end of the gun, pull to the fire point near the rear can open the hydrant valve, when the firefighting pump control cabinet in the automatic state directly press the hydrant button to start the firefighting pump. When the fire pump control cabinet in the manual state should send people to the fire pump room to manually start fire pumps. Note: In the case of the confirmation of the fire field power has been disconnected, the water can be used for extinguishing.

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